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All appointments include a full eye examination.  Eye-Q is an accredited ACC Health Provider. We provide WINZ and Enable quotes.

Our services include:

  • Identification of the signs of eye disease and other health disorders including glaucoma and cataract checks. We provide preassessments for all types of laser surgery, and offer post-surgical co-management. We refer to leading New Zealand opthalmologists.
  • Full contact lens service including fitting; free lens trial (professional fees apply); disposable, bifocal and cosmetic contacts; hard contacts; after-care service.
  • Prescription and supply of glasses and sunglasses, including thin-lens technology (Hi Index) and advice on frame selection, use and care of spectacles.
  • Driving license tests, Maritime Launch Masters tests and full testing for all the services: Army, Navy, Pilot, and Police.
  • Advice on lighting and ultraviolet radiation.
  • Advice on vision-related learning disabilities.
  • Irlen Lenses access.
  • Work related optometrical advice for people such as VDU Operators and Inspection Plant Workers.

All Eye-Q safety glasses are produced in fully accredited laboratories in accordance with optometrical legislation.

Insurace Work
We deal with all New Zealand insurance companies and handle everything from the paperwork to the finished product for you. This saves you stress and hassle in an already difficult situation.


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